Extend Freshness of Fruits and Vegetables by Controlling Gas Concentration to Optimal Levels 


Do you know that fruits and vegetables continue to breathe even after they are harvested?

Sugar and organic matter stored inside are consumed by respiration, and water is released to the outside. This causes the taste and nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables to deteriorate over time.

Thus, if fruits and vegetables are stored with reduced respiration, it can delay the deterioration of their quality and keep them fresh longer.

The speed of ripening with respiration of fruits and vegetables is slowed by an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air in storage.

However, too high a concentration of carbon dioxide will adversely affect the appearance, flavor, and nutritional value of the fruit and demote its quality. In other words, to maintain the freshness, the amount of carbon dioxide in storage must be kept constant within a certain range.

To remove carbon dioxide from storage, slaked lime has often been used as an adsorbent.However, when lime (calcium oxide, CaO) absorbs carbon dioxide, it changes into calcium carbonate (limestone, CaCO3) and is unable to absorb any more carbon dioxide.

NAGASEP separation membranes have the advantage of allowing a very large amount of carbon dioxide to permeate through the atmospheric components (nitrogen and oxygen).

This ability allows NAGASEP to remove excess carbon dioxide from storage.

Unlike adsorbents, NAGASEP can repeatedly adjust the concentration of carbon dioxide in storage over long periods of transportation, such as when they’re inside containers.

NAGASEP reduces the deterioration of fruits and vegetables during long-distance transport and extends their life. We provide you this option to keep your products fresh on their way to the new market.


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