Reduce rust inside pipes by degassing water – Part 2

Picture description: the picture shows a comparison of whether using NAGASEP treatment.



1. Degassing of recycled water Using NAGASEP (internal perfusion modules) for recycled water in buildings to prevent pipe rusting.

2. Degassing of tap water Using NAGASEP (external perfusion modules) for tap water, besides degassing, harmful chlorine compounds are also removed at the same time.

What makes NAGASEP exceptional?

NAGASEP can deal with the rusty water without rebuilding the whole pipe system. You only need to put one or several modules into the tank and it will start producing non-oxygenated water. We have a real case that NAGASEP is installed where tank water enters into pipe and turns the water into degassed water. The degassed water can be a natural cleaner for the rusty pipe and can prevent rust in the future.

Why degassed water can reduce the red rust to black rust?

In normal water, the chemical reaction goes like: 4Fe + 3O2 + 2H2O → 4FeOOH

In degassed water, the chemical reaction goes like: 6FeOOH + 2e- → 2Fe3O4 + 2H2O + 2OH

What is frequency for changing a new module?

Whenever there is leak in the old module you should change for a new one. The reason for the damage to silicone is mainly because of oganochloride. Thus, the expected changing frequency for the module will be determined by the water quality.


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