NAGASEP provides and develops silicone fiber membrane module for degassing, based in Japan. Other business includes rubber parts, cork products, screw caps and other applications.

For Selective
Gas Control

Customized Silicone Membrane Module with Plastic, Aluminum or other housing



“NAGASEP” is a hollow fiber membrane module made by forming a film of silicon into hollow fibers using Nagayanagi’s original technology. Our silicon hollow fiber membrane is molded by a completely automatic control system, has no pinholes, and is a product with extremely high dimensional accuracy.

Products of NAGASEP

Silicone rubber hollow fiber membrane module “NAGASEP” is aimed for advanced operations of gas, vapor and solutions. Hydrogen Water, ink degassing and blood test degassing are some examples.

Application example of NAGASEP

Utilizing the selective permeability of silicone (silicon rubber), it can be applied in many fields such as gas separation and air supply / degassing to liquids. The system is a very simple method of flowing the air or stock solution you want to process on one side of the membrane and pressurizing the other side with the gas you want to supply, or depressurizing with a vacuum pump.

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NAGASEP hopes to contribute widely in the fields of environmental protection, medical care, and food hygiene around the world.
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Insightful News

Detailed applications of NAGASEP modules. Insights on degassing and related areas.