Liquid Degassing

ink degassing

Ink Degassing

Hollow fiber membrane modules offer an efficient and non-invasive method for deaerating ink in inkjet printers, preventing printing errors caused by air bubbles and providing benefits such as space-saving, heat resistance, solvent resistance, and improved deaeration performance.

laboratory degassing

Laboratory Degassing

Hollow fiber membrane modules are utilized for deaerating water in analytical instruments, such as liquid analyzers and medical blood analyzers, enabling the removal of dissolved gases and bubbles to improve instrument performance and accuracy of analytical results.

food degassing

Food Degassing

Permeability and corrosion prevention, oxidation prevention of milk and other food products, water for boiling and cooking

pipe degassing

Pipe Degassing

Efficient microsphere production via underwater drying and energy-saving degassing methods for various applications, including anesthetic preservation and reagent preparation.

medicine degassing

Medicine Degassing

Microspheres produced via underwater drying; Nagayagi’s degassing module removes oxygen, enhancing drug stability and efficiency.



Nagayanagi’s NAGASEP module offers an efficient and temperature-consistent solution for degassing carbon dioxide from sparkling beverages, overcoming time constraints and preserving accurate component quantification.

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