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Silicone rubber hollow fiber membrane module “NAGASEP”.
This product is aimed for advanced operations of gas, vapor and solutions. Hydrogen Water, ink degassing and blood test degassing are some examples.

Recently, we are aiming to use it for the purpose of collecting gasoline vapor that volatilizes during gasoline refueling. The recovery rate is about 99% for gasoline vapor (10-60 vol%).


Test Modules

For the liquid or gas to be separated, this test module is the first step test before the machine test. The test modules are for basic experiment for your application. If you have an idea, you’re welcome to contact us and ask whether NAGASEP is suitable for your application. Then, if we think it might work, you could buy one or two test modules for the basic experiment.

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Field Test

We choose the machine test module based on the data collected from test module experiments. If you have other requirements, we’d love to make a change for you.

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silicone rubber hollow-fiber membrane module

Hollow Fiber

NAGASEP’s silicone hollow fibre membrane is a homogeneous membrane, which means that it has no pores and will not be clogged with dirt. It is useful as ink degassing modules due to its excellent heat resistance of 200°C and resistance to organic solvents. We provide Hollow fiber M40~M100. Contact us for more information.

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NAGASEP hopes to contribute widely in the fields of environmental protection, medical care, and food hygiene around the world.
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