beverage making

Beverage making

Manufacturing Drinking and Bathing Water (Carbonated Water, Hydrogen Water)

Using separation membrane modules to introduce the desired gas into a liquid, it becomes possible to enhance the liquid with specific functionality. NAGASEP finds its application in the production of carbonated water and hydrogen water.

Through the utilization of NAGASEP, carbon dioxide gas (CO2 gas) can be infused into water within a hollow fiber membrane, enabling the creation of carbonated water. Carbonation imparts a refreshing and invigorating quality to the water. Besides its consumable form, carbonated water can also be employed in bathing, mimicking highly concentrated carbonated springs, and introducing carbonation to purified water to serve as antistatic cleaning water.

Hydrogen water, produced using NAGASEP, involves infusing hydrogen gas (H2 gas) into water. This innovative approach allows for the production of high-purity hydrogen water in a safer, cleaner, and more efficient manner compared to conventional bubbling methods.

Hydrogen water boasts robust antioxidant properties and selectively reacts with detrimental reactive oxygen species, countering oxidative stress. Research outcomes suggest potential benefits encompassing alleviation of symptoms arising from reactive oxygen species and even conceivable rejuvenation effects. Additionally, studies indicate anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic attributes, along with enhancements in energy metabolism.