medicine degassing

Medicine Degassing

  • Production of Microspheres
    One method of manufacturing microspheres is the underwater drying method. In this method, an organic phase obtained by dissolving a water-insoluble polymer in an organic solvent that has a lower boiling point than water and is immiscible with water is dispersed in the aqueous phase to form an O/W emulsion (emulsification), and the organic solvent is removed.
    In producing microspheres from emulsions of methylene chloride solutions of polymers containing drugs emulsified in the aqueous phase by the underwater drying method, the emulsion to be dried in water is fed to one side of the separation membrane module using a gas separation membrane system, and the organic solvent is permeated off to the other side to efficiently The desired microspheres are produced.

  • Degassing of anesthetics
    Nagayagi’s degassing module is used to remove oxygen from the drug solution (anesthetic) to prevent oxidation of the product.

  • Degassing of purified water for dilution
  • Degassing of diluted reagents to remove air bubbles dissolved in the reagent.
  • Degassing of dialysate
  • Deaeration of dialysate, etc.

These can be performed without temperature change thus can save lots of energy.